Can Hamsters And Hedgehogs Live Together?

Can Hamsters And Hedgehogs Live Together?

Hamsters and hedgehogs can’t live with each other.

Due to their very different behaviors, they’re incompatible with each other’s living spaces.

Also, their sharp spines and tiny mouths can cause a cluttered mess if they’re not separate species.

So, can hamsters and hedgehogs live together?

Let’s dive in.

Can Hamsters And Hedgehogs Live Together?


Hedgehogs and hamsters should never share a cage or living space because both animals require different living conditions to maintain a healthy and comfortable lifestyle.

If these animals do share a cage or living space, they can become injured or sick as a result due to their incompatibility with one other.

Despite what some may believe, it is not a good idea to house these two animals in the same space as they can be extremely aggressive towards one another or even fight each other due to aggression and the small size of their cages.

They may be permitted to reside in the same cage if they are kept well apart at all times and in two separate areas within the home.

Why Can’t Hamsters and Hedgehogs Live Together?

Hedgehogs & Hamsters Are Territorial

Hedgehogs and hamsters are cute creatures, but they’re also pretty territorial.

Hamsters have poor eyesight but excellent hearing, so they rely on this sense to feel safe in their cage. Hedgehogs, on the other hand, have excellent eyesight but poor hearing, so they can’t rely on this sense as easily.

Hamsters and hedgehogs also have different sleeping patterns. Hamsters sleep for 12-14 hours a day, while hedgehogs sleep for only 2 hours a day.

This means that hedgehogs are awake and looking for food more of the time than hamsters are. Finally, hedgehogs and hamsters have different eating habits.

Hamsters eat twice a day but hedgehogs eat only once a day. This means that hedgehogs are more likely to steal food from rodents that hamsters are.

For these reasons, hedgehogs and hamsters can’t live together.

Hedgehogs May Consider Hamsters As Prey

Hedgehogs are considered cute and cuddly, but they are wild animals that are dangerous to humans and other animals.

They consume snails, slugs, insects, and mice. Therefore, they should never share the same habitat as hamsters.

Hamsters are extremely sweet and naïve animals, so they would likely be eaten by hedgehogs if they were in the same habitat.

Hedgehogs, on the other hand, are unlikely to attack hamsters, but they may chase them if their habitats overlap.

Therefore, hedgehogs and hamsters should be kept separately.

Can a Hamster and a Hedgehog Live in the Same Cage?

Hamsters and hedgehogs are both small and adorable animals, but they can’t live together in the same cage.

Hamsters have complex social systems, while hedgehogs live in solitude. Hamsters’ social systems are based on hierarchies.

They have an alpha male and a harem of females that they mate with regularly. This social structure makes it easy for hamsters to live among other hamsters, but it’s very difficult to replicate this setup with a hedgehog.

Hedgehogs are solitary animals. They don’t form social bonds with other hedgehogs and they don’t generally live in peace together.

Although hedgehogs and hamsters are in the same family, they are very different animals.

Can Hedgehogs and Hamsters Live In The Same Room?

Hamsters and hedgehogs are both popular pets.

Many people own both hamsters and hedgehogs. However, some people wonder if hamsters and hedgehogs can live together in the same environment.

Hedgehogs and hamsters are from different families, so they can’t actually mate with each other. However, they can still live together in the same habitat without harming each other.

In fact, hamsters and hedgehogs usually get along well and form strong bonds with each other.

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In conclusion, both hedgehogs and hamsters require different care. Hamsters are nocturnal animals, so they need a quiet environment to sleep at night.

Hedgehogs, on the other hand, are active during the day and need lots of space to move around.

Therefore, it’s a bad idea to keep a hedgehog and a hamster together in the same cage.

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