Why Does My Hamster Climb Its Cage?

Why Does My Hamster Climb Its Cage

Have you ever seen a hamster climb its cage?

This strange behavior can seem like it’s harming your hamster, but it’s actually a normal part of their behavior.

Hamsters climb their cages for many reasons, but it’s mostly because they burn energy.

If your hamster climbs its cage, don’t panic. It’s normal, and it’s not harmful.

Why Do Hamsters Climb Their Cage?


Hamsters climb their cages for many reasons, but the main reason is to burn energy.

Hamsters love to climb, and climbing helps them burn off excess energy. They climb to escape, but they also climb because it makes them feel good.

Although climbing your hamster’s cage isn’t harmful, you shouldn’t let them climb for too long.

A hamster climbing its cage can get injured, so you should always keep an eye on it. If it’s climbing a lot, try giving it more toys or enrichment items.

Also, make sure your hamster has plenty of exercise. If it’s bored, it may climb its cage.

It’s Attempting to Flee

It’s one thing if your hamster climbs the cage at night, but if it’s always climbing, it’s trying to escape.

Unfortunately, this typically means the syrian isn’t getting enough exercise.

Not Enough Environmental Enrichment

Environmental enrichment refers to anything that enhances an animal’s.

If your hamster isn’t getting enough environmental enrichment, it may climb the cage. Give your hamster plenty of toys, chewable treats, and bedding.

Also, make sure it has enough space to roam around. If it has too much space, it’ll probably feel bored.

If your hamster merely climbs the cage and shuns its toys, it’s probably bored.

Try giving it more toys, a wheel, or some new bedding. You can also provide it with more time to run around.

A bored hamster won’t know what to do with itself, so it will try to find something fun to do.

They Need to Expend Energy

There’s nothing to worry about (provided your hamster is healthy), but if a hamster climbs the cage a lot, it’s probably just burning off excess energy.

It’s just using energy and working its muscle.

Hamsters that don’t have as much space to run around will climb their cages. A hamster needs plenty of space to exercise, so give it some.

Sometimes, a hamster climbs its cage to get out of its cage. A hamster that likes to climb might attempt to escape.

Enjoy the show: it’s quite a sight to see a hamster climb its cage.

However, it usually means it needs more exercise. If your hamster is trying to escape, give it a wheel, more toys, and more time to roam around.

A bored hamster may try to escape. Try providing it with more toys, more exercise, and more free time.

Is It Normal For Hamsters To Climb Their Cage?

Yes, it’s normal for hamsters to climb their cages.

In fact, it’s one of the most natural behaviors hamsters have. Climbing is a hamster’s way of burning energy, but it’s also fun.

Your hamster loves to climb, and it’ll climb its cage whenever it can.

Can Climbing Their Cage Be Harmful To Hamsters?

Hamsters climbing their cages can be dangerous, but it’s mostly harmless.

Hamsters can injure themselves by falling, and they may hurt themselves by biting the bars of their cage.

If your hamster is climbing its cage, keep an eye on it to make sure it doesn’t get hurt.

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Hamsters climbing their cages is perfectly normal. As long as they’re supervised, hamsters can climb their cages without getting hurt. If your hamster climbs its cage, don’t panic. It’s normal, and it’s not harmful.

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