How To Tell If Hamster Water Bottle Is Working?

How To Tell If Hamster Water Bottle Is Working?

Some hamster owners wonder if their water bottle is working.

If the bottle doesn’t dispense any water, it isn’t working. You can test this by giving it a shake.

If the bottle’s plastic spout spins, it is powered by the magnet inside. So, how do you tell if hamster water bottle is working?

Hamster water bottles are extremely useful at keeping hamsters hydrated and healthy. However, it can be hard to tell if they’re working.

This is because hamsters often hide their water bottles from their owners. Luckily, it’s easy to check if a hamster water bottle is working or not.

First, check to see if the water bottle is still full. If it is, then the hamster is probably working.

If it’s empty, then the hamster probably isn’t. Second, you can check to see if the water is moving.

If it is and it’s still full, then the hamster is working. If the water is moving and it’s empty, then the hamster isn’t.

Third, you can check to see if the water is dirty or cloudy. If it is, then the hamster probably isn’t working.

If it’s not, then the hamster is probably working. Finally, you can listen out for the hamster’s water drinking behavior.

If it’s drinking more water than usual and the tank is full, then the hamster is working. If the hamster isn’t drinking more water or the tank is empty, then the hamster probably isn’t working.

These simple checks should take all of five minutes.

How To Tell If Hamster Water Bottle Is Working?


No Unusual Sounds When Used

This occurs when the hamster approaches the bottle but stops before drinking from it.

The water bottle may either be faulty or the lid may be missing the rubber ring that holds the bottle in place.

When this occurs, it shows that the bottle is not functioning properly as the magnet cannot pull the water up from the reservoir when the lid is removed and the ring is missing.

Therefore, no water is dispensed from the bottle when shaken or turned upside down.

If you ignore it, the water can evaporate and your hamster might die of dehydration.

Continue to be proactive by regularly checking on the hamster’s water and replacing it if it becomes empty.

When these problems develop, it indicates that there is something wrong with the heating element or the water tank; therefore, you should stop using the unit immediately.

Of course, you may also take the time to clean the cage and check the water dispenser unit.

Test it by shaking it upside down. The lid should come off easily and water should flow out freely from the tube into your hand.

If not, then you might have to repair or replace your unit altogether because the problem is most likely with the pump mechanism inside the tank itself and not with the magnets of the base unit itself.

If the problem is structural, it may be a good idea to buy a replacement magnet instead of buying a new one from the store.

Not Slanted Downwards

If you’re wondering why hamsters are dying in their cages, then it could be because the metal tray is not slanted downwards towards the food bowl and water container.

It is such an important aspect to consider because it ensures that the animals can easily eat their food and drink their water.

The placement of the hamster’s water bottle and food bowl should also be considered as well so that food and water containers are not placed directly under the heat source or the metal cage tray.

If it does not keep its eyes open, then it could either be due to it being sick or suffering from dehydration because there is not enough water intake in the hamster’s diet.

In this scenario, you must give your pet more fresh water and you can also consider adding some ice cubes to it since frozen cubes can help to hydrate it.

This may vary based on the breed of your dwarf hamster but it usually has longer lifespans.

If the water bottle falls, you will most probably hear a click sound indicating that it is empty.

Utilized Regularly by Hamster

It’s all about consistency with a pet’s water bowl and you should make sure that the bottle is used regularly by the pet.

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They will be utilizing these items around 8-10 times a day, so it’s very important that you refill them or replace them on time.

Don’t think the hamster will drink enough water on its own, it won’t.

This implies that if it isn’t operating correctly, you should replace it promptly.

As a consequence, you must take care when selecting a bottle for your hamster because it should have a sturdy base and not move when shaken.

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Many hamster owners don’t think about their water bottle until it’s broken and it needs to be replaced immediately.

This does not always occur, and you may not even think of checking it regularly but it’s important to do so.

Choose something that won’t spill easily because hamsters are notorious at tipping over things to drink from.

This occurs when the bottle tips or when the cage is moved and your hamster doesn’t realize what is happening until it has fallen over onto its back or side.

If not, you must clean it out frequently so it doesn’t harbor bacteria, which could eventually lead to sickness in your little pet.

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